Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Edition.


Going home.  I opted to work an extra long shift today (16 hours) so that I could spend time with Mikes parents yesterday without a time limit.  Obviously, I made the right choice, but I am 12 hours in and itching to be home with Mike and Maggie. Especially because Mike is being so precious right now. And lets face it, Maggie is always precious!  So I am fantasizing about being home in the air, with a mug of tea, fuzzy jammies, curled up with the babes.


I am very much looking forward to 2 things. 1) My mom visiting with my brother and baby sister 2) Our annual camping trip with Mikes family.  Back to 1) When my baby sister's school year ends my mom is bringing them out for a few days during the week (which is when I normally spend a lot of time alone doing embarrassing nerd things)! Shes going to stay at this fun hotel for a few nights because we love their pool!  And we are going to spend plenty of time at the beach!  Basically I plan to be swimming and/or cuddling the entire time.  On to 2) Every year (with the exception of 1) since Mike and I have been dating I have had the pleasure of going on a week long camping trip with his family.  To say that I love this time would be an understatement.  I'm obsessed.  And I believe that I am even more excited this year!   A week away from the city, no internet, no work.  Just lots of long walks, reading, campfires, naps. Please hurry up camping trip!


Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a television junkie.  Meaning, I am never watching just one thing.  I got really hooked on some amazing shows this winter/spring and so when they were over I was devastated.  Okay not devastated, but I didn't know what to watch!  So I started re watching Dawsons Creek on Netflix.  I also found out that Girls on HBO is freaking fabulous!  And tonight my true love True Blood starts again.  So whats a girl to do? Obviously watch all 3!!


Priorities.  Reminding myself what is most important to me and what makes me happiest.  Sometimes I get into these ruts, and then I get really sad and grumpy and I can't figure out where it is coming from.  Well, I am almost positive that this happens when I get lazy and forget my priorities.  So, currently, I am working on ways to remind myself of all the things that I absolutely cannot let slip!


Honestly, wishing that we had a house already.  Or at least that we were closer to having one.  We were moving full force ahead at the beginning, and now it's like we're crawling along.  It breaks my heart sometimes.  We are so ready to make some sort of step in a frontward motion, and this was it.  I know, though, that God does have a master plan for us.  And that before I know it I will be in OUR cozy dream house.

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