Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Father.

I saw my dad a few weeks ago.
He was just in town for a few hours to fix my sisters car. My brother came to help.
I worked in the afternoon, but I was determined to steal them away for a few hours because the two of them rarely make it out this way.
It was a Saturday, and every Saturday morning Mike and I grocery shop, so along they came.
My time with my dad started with me teasing him for going to the store in his 'jorts' and him giving me a hard time for getting Starbucks.
While I waited for my drink to be made I see my dad and brother shoot from the bathroom, my dad chasing my brother around the produce section.  He had water cupped in his hands, apparently seeking revenge on my brother for getting him wet in the bathroom.
He ate fruit as we walked around the store.
My dad let me buy my own groceries, but he treated me to some almond milk and a jar of Tajin because "I just had to try them."

These sorts of things are typical of time spent with my dad.
He can be incredibly serious, spiritual, and intimidating at times.
But more often than not he is the silliest man I have ever met.
I'm proud that I learned how to be silly from my dad.


  1. what a nice post! i'm new to your blog and so glad i found it...can't wait to come back when i have more time to do some more reading. i'm your newest follower. :)

  2. Hia, Thanks a lot for your visit at my blog and leaving a comment, I really appreciate it! :) Your dad sounds great! :)

  3. that´s very nice that you have great time with your dad :)!! My parents are in divorse :/ and I haven´t seen my dad in 6 months right now :/ and I really miss him :(

    1. I'm so sorry that you've had so much time away from your dad. My parents are divorced also, and at that time things were really difficult. You are in my prayers, and things will get better : )