Sunday, June 3, 2012

Internet Addiction: What I am loving!

Since graduating I consider myself a part-time-stay-at-home-"wifey".
This has led to more time on my hands than I have ever had in my entire life.
I also work every weekend at a domestic violence shelter.
It is very hard but gratifying work.
But, sometimes it is so boring!
You see, on the weekends the ladies basically get their time off from any work with their advocates/therapy/groups/etc.  So a lot of the time they leave for the entire day running errands, doing fun things, working, whatever.  Leaving me alone, and often bored.  There is just only so much cleaning a gal can do. (Or wants to do)
I have entertained myself this week & weekend (in between chapter of 50 Shades Darker) here: Seriously this site was made for me!  I knew of it before, but never really took the time to explore.  Now I am completely obsessed and can lose myself for hours on it.  Friday I had to send this text to my bestie/therapist/soul mate Ashley, "Welp I've been on for 2 hours.  I officially need to jump off my balcony." In which she lovingly replied, "I literally just laughed out loud!! What the *beep* is hellogiggles?"  Needless to say, I sent her a post about great loves that used a lot of SATC references and she is hooked! This blog is definitely not new to me.  I discovered Casey about 5 months ago, but I reread her posts almost daily.  We are kindred spirits in so many ways.  She is extra sensitive, marches to the beat of her own drum, and loves from the depths of her heart.  But I also feel like I can learn so much from her on her journey as a proud child of God, a young mama, and a writer. I am always on Twitter, this is not news.  But there are a few ladies I am newly following who are definitely worth mentioning. I will share them with you, along with their twitter profiles.

  • @aliashbaker-  I am a student at the Roseanne Conner School of Housewifery and Etiquette and I'm writing a cookbook called 'Nacho Cheese-100 Ways.' Let's be friends!
  • @shinyunicorn-  I was supposed to be a child star     p.s. I am obsessed with Sarah Heyward
  • @erinmallorylong-  I write for , have an encyclopedic knowledge of The Simpsons & Friends & would like to submit my resume for curator of Law & Order: SVU Marathons.
  • @carcryder-  writer. slightly erratic.
Seriously these ladies are all hilar!  Enjoy them.  I cannot resist all the retweeting I have been partaking in.

And finally I am not new at this, and I realize that like Twitter, Netflix is nothing new to anyone.  Including me.  But in the spirit of sharing what I have been loving,  I will have you know that I am re-watching Dawsons Creek from the beginning!  I was pretty young when this show originally aired and I never watched it.  But I nannied one summer for some neighbor kids in high school and the little girl (who is graduating high school this year! Cray!!) and I watched Dawsons Creek religiously for 2 hours everyday.  So this experience is nostalgic because of those memories and because of the fantastic 90's music and fashion!

P.s. I promise I am a productive human being with to-do lists and goals.  I just spend part of my time surfin' the web : )

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