Thursday, February 2, 2012

To do, to do, to do.

I woke up early this morning to finish up a paper that was due for my 9 am Capstone course.
(Honestly, not early for me..7 am)
But I still felt really good about myself for getting up and finishing what little I had to go, sipping on a hot mug of coffee (feeling extra happy because I was drinking out of my Valentines Day mug), and gently waking up Mike with his Feb. 2nd gift and reminding him that it was time for him to go to the gym.
While on break during this class I took out my planner to scratch up a quick to-do list for the day.
That is when I realized it...
I forgot to do my homework for the next class!
The class that starts 10 minutes after this one ends.
Can you say anxiety?
So I made a choice; I would skip class for the remainder of the day, go home and knock everything out!
That included some to-do's such as completing my learning contract, working on my study guide for my Legal Studies test next week, catching up on my Soc. powerpoints and readings, among other things.
Then I figured while Im home Ill catch up on some things around here like cleaning out my truck and preparing it for sale, vacuuming, laundry, among other things.
And guess what? I got stressed!!! I started freaking out over these little things, over big future things, over everything!

So I took a moment to sit down and catch up on a few blogs. This blog community is so amazing and inspirational, I knew it would slow me down and give me some perspective.  First on my list, Kelle Hampton.  Kelle's most recent post Joan of Arc  gave me all the perspective I needed.  I love when she says, "There is reason for everyone to be unhappy. There is reason for everyone to be happy. What's your focus?"

So I have created one more to-do list.
Don't worry, this is a good one : )

  1. Stop stressing out, everyone is busy.  You just left a class full of people who have just as much on their plates as you do, some probably more.  So if you are feeling discouraged, drop to your knees and give it to God.
  2. Don't compare yourself to others, even academically. Grad school will always be there, and as Mike said, "If anyone can work and get their masters it's you." 
  3. It is okay to take time for yourself.  You are paying for these classes, so if you need to miss once in awhile in order to catch up or even just to take a breather, do it!  You are a social worker for crying out loud, you know well enough about the importance of self care.
  4. Do what you say you are going to do to the best of your ability.  Remember how good you felt this morning when you were accomplishing your little goal? Reach for that in all of your to-do's.
  5. Rejoice in the opportunities that stand before you.  What a blessing to be able to get a higher education, to have TWO jobs and to be passionate about your work and enjoy the people that you work with, to have a place to come home to, to have a loving support system.  To have a bright future to worry about!

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