Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Procrastination in Progress.

Senioritis is a real thing!
And I am suffering.
I have no motivation to do my homework.
A social worker learning to brief a case, I am not seeing the point here.
Being assigned a glorified book report in a 400 level course-ripping my hair out!

So last night to avoid doing my homework I was asleep by 8:30.
I am not even kidding, not even a little bit.
And then I slept in until 9 today. (I normally rise between 6:30 & 7)
And all day I have been assigning myself little tasks.
And here I sit, blogging.

Make lots of coffee to prepare for being completely unproductive

Organize seasons of shows
Finally hang up ribbon shelf and display new goal list
(Note to self: buy more ribbon)

Hang up shelf so key bowl has new home
(Note to self: shelfs a little bare, buy something to go there)

Begin decorating for Easter

Stare at the cursed homework that I should be doing, stare long enough and it might disapprear

Bye bye from my grungy old puppy slipper that I love so much and that Mike says should be thrown away
(Over my dead body)

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  1. Hi Myranda! Cute blog and dont throw those slippers away, they're awesome :)

    Check me out if you'd like:

    Hit or Miss