Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Walk In My Life

I thought it could be fun to do a bit of a "day in the life" style entry today. 
My plan is to update throughout the day and then post tonight when I return home from my final class. Here it goes...

8:37 I woke up because I had to go to the bathroom and guess by the dimness out the window it was around 5 am.  When I looked at the clock I swore it was after 10 so I thought I had better get up.

9:15 After putting on a pot of coffee and tinkering around on the computer it hit me it was just after 9, I actually was making much better time than I thought.  So I cut up some fruit to have with yogurt for Mike and warmed up some leftovers for myself (I tend to prefer leftovers for breakfast rather than breakfast food)

11:00 I cleaned up the kitchen, fed Maggie, made Mike lunch, visited with Mike and talked about the odd dreams that he has been having, saw him off to work, and checked all my emails. 

11:45 Just realized I have homework due tonight in my 6-9 class...going to grab my book from my car and get a move on with this homework. Then I suppose I should hop in the shower!

12:55 Just finished writing up a blurb about gender stereotypes and fairy tales. (Specifically on Snow White)

2:43 Getting ready for class and listening to the Walt Disney station on Pandora. The musical is obviously completely magical.

3:29 Heading to my Soc. Class and to buy Mikes Stats book.

3:40 My dad calls me with a testimony of God working in his life the last 2 days. My mood, which had been a bit sour for no good reason, completely turns around. Sometimes we need to be humbled and reminded of Gods great work!

4:00 My soc professor talks too fast, walks too much, and sweats profusely for an hour.

5:30 I realize that I am going to be late to my next class and consciously slow my roll (figuratively and literally)

6:15 My Legal Studies professor is super understanding of me being late and we have a great class discussion.  I am really eager to get home and see Mike though so time ticks by semi-slow.

7:00ish We are on break during my class and while waiting in line to use the restroom I start thinking about howI sit in class shaking my leg all eager to get the heck out of there when great women before me had to fight for the right for me to even have the access to my great education.  And how people all over the world would do anything to be as privileged and blessed as I am.

8:50 I come home to an empty apartment.  Mike is out grocery shopping and helping my sister with her car. I realize just how very blessed I am!

Left on the agenda? Finish up some reading and homework for tomorrow, shower, paint my nails, maybe eat some more leftovers, cuddle with my boy, and finally SLEEP! (All while continuing to listen to the Walt Disney station on Pandora : ) )

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