Sunday, January 8, 2012


I am a major bloggaholic. I admit it. I am not ashamed.
I read blogs of all shapes and sizes.
Blogs about food, blogs about faith, blogs about cheating partners, blogs about makeup and fashion, blogs about motherhood. (That one might seem the strangest seeing as I am not a mother)
But these women, these bloggers, they are powerful! Whether I am at the same place in my life as they are or not, they are blogging about life; real, messy life.
And that inspires me.
So much so that I began to consider blogging. If nothing more than to document my own story.  So, I asked my friend (who blogs) "Should I be blogging?"
Her response was an enthusiastic DEFINITELY!
I got excited!
I asked my boyfriend what he thought I should blog about.
I'm not sure what I was expecting, but he was not much help.
"Whatever you want Schloops." (You should know this about us, we are real nerds and can get really ooey gooey and cheesy.)
Now here I am. My first entry. I am blogging about blogging. Impressive?
Probably not.
But, I am going to do this. And I have decided I don't have to choose a theme, because I am dynamic. Thats right! Dynamic! I love cooking and eating, so I'll probably blog about that. I also love Jesus and I work everyday at developing a closer relationship with Christ, so I'll probably blog about that.  And I am obsessed with my little family made of up my boyfriend (Mike) and our fat kitty (Maggie), so Im sure I'll blog about them too.  I enjoy crafting, reading, relaxing, organizing, makeup, candles, babies, music, shopping the sales rack, and sleeping, so maybe Ill blog about those things too. And did I mention I am on the verge of graduating with my BSW? I will definitely blog about that.
A lot to look forward to. And a lot less use of the word blog/blogger/blogging too because I think I used a years worth in this post.

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