Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blessed Memories.

I think that this Christmas break may have just been my best to date.  I have to credit its enjoyability (It is a word!) to the comfort that I am experiencing within my relationship with Christ.  It is spilling into every nook and cranny of my life...making everything warm and cozy.  I realized that what has been making all the difference is finding joy in all the little things that normally I just do.
You know what I mean?
You just get ready. You just tidy up the house. You just drink coffee.
I have so much fun getting ready and picking out my makeup for the day. I am proud of the look and feel of our apartment.  I enjoy breathing in the thick aroma of my coffee brewing, sipping it when it is piping hot, and then quickly swigging it down as it begins to turn ice cold.
God has been opening my eyes as to how deeply and truly blessed I am.

Blessed Memories of Christmas Break.
- Extra time for cuddles with Mike and Maggie, and then with my mom and siblings when I was home!
- Baking for hours and hours with Mike and Chelsi's help (Even if the only tasks I would give them were dishes)
- My dad enjoying my baking as much as I had hoped he would
- Giving presents to all of the people I love and watching them open
- Mikes mom being so appreciative of the blanket we had made for her and showing it off to everyone
- Having a giant dinner and exchanging presents with my girlfriends from home. Trying to get in as much talking as we possibly could before the food came. (Turning away the waiter 3 times because we were too busy talking to look at the menu)  Once all 5 dishes (for 3 girls) arrived there was not as much talking going on. (Our friendship in a nutshell)
- Time to sit in my apartment and burn all my yummy candles
- Discovering Plants Vs Zombies and literally playing it until I fell asleep
- One of my best friends getting engaged on Christmas!!! And becoming slightly obsessed with her wedding
- Cooking dinner for our newly engaged friends
- Cooking dinner almost every night
- Working (as an employee, not an intern) at Safe Haven
- Mikes mom selling me her car for dirt cheap
- Having important conversations with Mike about out faith

Now it is back to school, which I am not-so-secretly loving. I know I am such a nerd. But, I think this is going to be my best semester yet!

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