Saturday, May 19, 2012

Free Time

I definitely do not mean to treat this blog as a diary.
You know, the beautiful journal that you receive as a gift and vow to write in everyday.
"Dear Diary, Aunt Lindy got you for me and I am so excited.  I will write in your everyday!"
Things get busy, though, you know?
Preparing for graduation, house hunting, final exams, graduation, a 2 week trip to work on an Indian reservation.
Excuses, excuses.
But today I felt the urge, so here I am writing.
I have a long day ahead of me today.  I work at a domestic violence shelter on the weekends, and we are terribly understaffed on the weekends. There is a first shift worker, a second shift worker, and a third shift worker.  Meaning that anytime the second shift worker or I need time off the other is stuck working a long 16 hour shift.  I am blessed enough that the third shift worker graciously accepted my request for her to come in at 10 rather than 11, so I work 15 hours today instead of 16.
It is okay though, because I love this job and I desperately need the hours.
And I have a ridiculous amount of free time on my hands now. More than I have ever had before in my entire life. Seriously, I am pretty sure I had more on my plate as a toddler than I do currently.
What did my life look like just months ago? A weekday job, and weekday internship, full load of classes, weekend job.  Fast forward to now.  I work on the weekend and have 1 class on Tuesday nights. Now that is insane!
I am trying to enjoy it though.  This week I was able to sleep in!  Celebrate my birthday for 2 days : ) Spend lots of time with my sister, Chelsi, including a trip to the beach! (Where I may have turned a nice shade of tomato red!)
And, while I know that it is extremely necessary and important for me to find a full time job as soon as possible, I think that this free time is a blessing from God.  I have been able to clean the heck out of the apartment and cook dinner for Mike every night.  It could not have came at a more perfect time because he worked crazy overtime this week!  I have more time to think, to pray, to contemplate.  I feel happy, and fulfilled. And that is nothing short of a blessing.
Things can get a little hectic here at the shelter on the weekends.  Kids running around, reminding mom's to keep an eye on those running kids, messes, reminding folks to clean the messes, problems, crisis. It can be a little overwhelming for everyone.  But this morning, despite my long day ahead, I feel more than prepared.
The house is still cold from the air running throughout the night.  I am cozy in my new over-sized sweatshirt, blanket on my lap, yummy coffee in hand.  I am excited to greet each resident as she wakes up and makes her way to the kitchen for a hot mug of coffee.  I clearly see the opportunity set in front of me to hear stories and to be a positive part of those stories.
Happy Saturday everyone!

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